Friday, November 20, 2009

Can a bearded dragon bite hurt you?

My beardie has gotten pretty aggressive lately, and has nipped my fingers a couple of times while I was feeding him. Is there any way he could hurt me? Are his teeth capable of breaking the skin? and if they are, could I get a disease or infection?

Can a bearded dragon bite hurt you?
the answer is yes but very rarely will you get anything that can be considered a side affect such as salmonella if the bite is treated correctly. remember to wash with antibacterial soap before you feed to keep from giving him anything you may have gotton on your hands and wash with antibacterial soap after you feed to keep you safe. when the skin is broken it is important to scrub with bactine and antibacterial for 60 seconds and flush the wound for another 60 seconds allow it to bleed and coax some blood if necessary and possible just to push any bacteria that may have gotten in out. it may seem over kill but it is always better to be more protective than less. also waring protective gloves particularly leather will keep the beardie from penatrating the skin or if wearing cotton or fabric gloves from getting "strings" caught in his teeth and ingested. you may want to spend a little more time just letting him know you are still his buddy and are not there to hurt him. if his actions are deliberate. if the bites are incedental or accidental the gloves will be all you need. if he is that agressive when eating it may be a good idea to fool him with a veggie since they so not normally eat veggies without some sort of trick. unless your a lucky one and they eat veggies like they should. one of mine will eat veggies they other two I have to trick them by finely chopping the veggies and misting the crickets then coating the crickets with the finely chopped veggies.
Reply:yes if he has samonella. he can break the skin (but not too badly) because it's happened with my beardie several times before. just wash the wound off with alchohol, bactine and soap, and put a bandaid on it.
Reply:use gloves
Reply:Yes it can they like to grab and hold......but I had a beardie for 7 years and never got bit that's strange they usually love to be handled.
Reply:Yes, it does hurt. I had an 18 inch Bearded Dragon that mistook my finger for a super worm and bit right through my finger nail. It took weeks to heal. I've never gotten salmonella from getting bitten, but a bite can easily get infected if you don't clean it up and put something like Neosporin on it. Good luck with your Bearded Dragon.
Reply:i hand feed my beardies like 2 or 3 times a week they always bite me because i think they are excited to eat and they just miss see and accidentally bite u.


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    Bearded D. have great eye vision up to within just about an inch from their nose. From that inch to their nose, they have very little vision. They rely on their quick speed and memory "vision" to strike their prey...and it also results in them "biting the hand that feeds them". Its not aggressive behavior to you, but rather instinct to catch prey. Now on the bacteria side of this, their mouth has more bacteria then any other part of their body. Their piss is cleaner. This is fact, proven in a lab with lab equipment. If you get bite, simply wash it with warm water, do not try to "bleed" the wound, apply Neosporin and use a bandage only if you really need it. If you handle the BD, make sure not to transfer the neosporin to him. It will kill him if ingested.


  2. A bearded dragon needs and wants human contact and attention. You should always at least interact with your beardie every day or 3 or 4 times a week. Their home should be kept where you will spend most of your time so they can see you every day.What can bearded dragons eat


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